Dogs pooped, peed or threw up a total of 9 times in a garden centre shop over 48 hours

NEW FOREST, UK – NEW AND COMMENT: The Fairweather’s Garden Centre in the New Forest, UK, has taken the tough decision to ban dogs from their shop because they reported to news media that dogs pooped, urinated or vomited in their shop a total of nine times over the weekend. On one occasion when a dog pooped the owner didn’t even pick it up. And as they have great food in the shop, they simply can’t allow it to happen. It looks very much like the cause is irresponsible dog ownership and that doesn’t only apply to me but anybody else reading the story.

Dogs pooped in garden center shop
Dogs pooped in garden center shop. Image: Facebook.

They took the decision reluctantly and they announced a ban on social media (Facebook – see below). They said: “We do love seeing your furry companion but we don’t like cleaning up the mess. When one leaves it’s mark – others follow and we are sure you don’t want to buy something pre-marked!”

Non-dog owning visitors agree with the move. Some suggested that there should be a ban on irresponsible dog owners. It seems that some are unable to train their dogs to behave in public places. One commenter wanted to impose a lifetime ban on people who failed to train their dogs.

Note: This is an ’embedded post’ from Facebook. Sometimes they are deleted at source which stops them working on this site. If that has happened, I apologise but I have no control over it.

Comment: when you think about it, it seems hard to believe it actually happened; nine instances of either pooping, urinating or vomiting in a shop attached to a garden centre over a period of 48 hours. Perhaps one example of inappropriate elimination or undesirable pooping took place and the other dogs followed suit because the shop smelled like a toilet. It might have been a factor. But not great for the shopkeeper.

It would seem to be quite straightforward to have a sign outside the shop to remind people that dogs are not welcome inside the shop. I don’t think that would be too harsh especially if there is food in the shop as they state (it looks like very good food too). Dogs aren’t allowed into restaurants as far as I know. And dogs aren’t allowed into supermarkets where you buy food. So, it’s quite reasonable to ban dogs from a garden centre shop that sells food. I can’t see the complication and I think a ban on dog owners entering this shop could and should have been implemented before this barrage of incidents that took place over the weekend.

It might have saved embarrassment and unnecessary work on cleaning up.

My thanks the Mirror newspaper.


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