Dog leaves some of his food for pregnant, stray cat and becomes a surrogate father to her kittens

This is the tender, loving story of a dog, Shaun, who for some time always left some food in his bowl. This was strange as he was known to eat all his food. Something had happened but Shaun’s owner couldn’t figure it out because on each occasion that bit of food left in the bowl was eaten, but not by Shaun.
Shaun and his family

On investigation it was found that Shaun had made friends with a stray, pregnant cat who was coming inside the home to eat the food that Shaun had left. Subsequently the cat came into the home again and gave birth to her kittens, at which point Shaun took on the role of father to the kittens and they were a family.

There’s one little defect in the story: a cat should not eat dog food but I’m sure she has been fed the best possible food since she came into the home and gave birth to her kittens!

I received the story via email from a friend of a friend. It is another nice example of interspecies friendships. It shows us the emotional intelligence of mammals. We should treat all mammals as equals because they are fundamentally similar to us.

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