Discarded coronavirus facemask hobbles seagull

NEWS-VIEWS-OPINION: I am sure that I am not the only one who is noticing discarded facemasks on the pavement or roads and even on country walks. It is occurring in any country. I live in the UK and is certainly happening here. I’m not seeing a lot of them but I am seeing them. In Hong Kong many facemasks are being washed up onto the beach threatening marine wildlife.

Seagull hobbled by coronavirus facemask
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Seagull hobbled by coronavirus facemask. Photo: RSPCA/SOUTH ESSEX WILDLIFE HOSPITAL.

It is astonishing that humankind can so quickly create new hazards through persistent carelessness. It is compounding the problem that humankind has with animals. The coronavirus pandemic is caused by humankind’s poor relationship with animals and now we have people carelessly discarding facemasks which in this instance has hobbled a seagull as you can see in the photograph.

Therefore one problem has created another and the victim is invariably animals until nature strikes back and karma takes effect which is the way I see the coronavirus pandemic. It is nature reminding humankind that it can’t go on abusing wild animals and the natural landscape without consequences.

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