Coronavirus: bats get a bad press

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Wet market China

It almost seems settled that bats in China are the origin of the coronavirus pandemic. There is a lot of talk about bats passing the Covid-19 virus to pangolins and pangolins passing it to people in the Wuhan wet market (live animal market). It is speculated that bats have a heightened propensity to infect humans. But this may be inaccurate.

China wet market. They should be closed. Photo: AFP

Scientist have reported that the proportion of viruses considered zoonotic did not differ much across 11 major orders of bird and mammal. The study was conducted by the University of Glasgow and published in Proceedings of the Natonal Academy of Sciences.

The Times reported on this.

P.S. These markets need to be permanently closed or heavy new regulations introduced to control the killing of the wild animals. This is bushmeat and people open themselves up to being infected in these places if there are no controls. Also it is very cruel. It is outdated. The pandemic may force change. It certainly should. The West should force it on China.