Companies that expel indigenous people for plantations and mines should be better controlled

Wildlife can be better protected in places where it is controlled by indigenous people. Regrettably, wealthy individuals and big business expels these people from their land to create plantations and mines.

Forest destroyed for palm oil plantations
Wild cats species and others species lose their habitat to palm oil plantations. Reduce palm oil consumption.

With the global population having doubled to 7.6 billion since 1970 and with a projected world population of 10 billion people in 2050, the question is can we feed ourselves? It is possible, the UN believes, if we reduce food waste and increase agricultural productivity in Africa. In Africa they get one tonne of maize per hectare. This compares with 4-8 tons per hectare in developed countries.

Other ways that the planet and its wildlife can be helped is by cutting waste. A UN panel suggested that people should eat less red meat and more chicken and vegetables. “Moderate animal protein consumption [and] sustainable and healthy dietary choices” puts less pressure on the environment and is healthy for the consumers.

Restaurants should always offer doggy bags to try and reduce waste.

It’s been said before and the UN panel on how to avoid a catastrophe of wildlife extinctions repeat it. There is a need to limit rapid human population growth and unsustainable production and consumption.

Population growth need to be limited because it would be good for the environment. They believe that it can be achieved through education and empowerment of women. I would have thought that men should also be involved!

The West should not blame developing countries because per capita consumption is high in rich countries even though there is low population growth in those countries.

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