Canadians are shooting wolves to protect caribou which are endangered through human activity

Canadians are involved in a vicious cycle of killing. They are shooting wolves from helicopters in order to protect mountain caribou herds which are on the brink of extinction because of human activities. Mad or what?

Mountain caribou are reindeer.
Picture in public domain.

When you investigate why the caribou is on the brink of extinction you come up with the answer that the chief threats to the caribou are all to do with human activity such as logging, roadbuilding and motorised recreation.

So the human through his activities has diminished the population size of the mountain caribou in Canada and then the human in a desperate attempt to save this beautiful creature from becoming extinct in the wild decide to shoot wolves in their hundreds. It’s really killing upon killing. It is compounding one set of killing by another set of killing. It’s a killing merry-go-round. When it comes to wildlife conservation, whatever they turn their hand to they screw up.

How mad does the orphaned human (orphaned from nature) have to be before he wakes up to his madness, looks at himself in the mirror and decides to make a fundamental change to his relationship with animals on this planet?

The way to protect the mountain caribou is to eliminate the human activity which is driving it to extinction in the wild, one of which is recreational snowmobiles. And you know what? The snowmobile groups want to remove the restrictions on snowmobiles because they say that the mountain caribou is not endangered. There is no end to the madness.

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