Child strikes dog with plastic bottle for fun. “Parents teach your children”.

Child hits a dog in a public place for no reason
Child hits a dog in a public place for no reason. Screenshot.

Being a grumpy old man never having had children, I dislike children! I know some people will dislike me for saying that but I’ve done it. One reason is because they almost inevitably misbehave. And the reason behind that is poor parenting. This is a good example. Why did this child have to go up to a dog interacting with his owner and strike the animal with a plastic bottle while smiling? A completely unprovoked action. An action which appears to have been pleasurable to the child. He wanted to do it. It was fun. And the owner, whoever they are, is apparently looking on and doing nothing about it.

It is the dog’s owner who tells the child to stop and protects his dog. The dog gets a bit of a shock as you can see by their reaction. There is a moral behind the video. And it applies to cats and dogs and other animals.

Parents have a duty to teach their children how to interact with companion animals. On the issue of cats, there are far too many instances of parents allowing their young children to play rough with cats. They receive a scratch in response. The cat is blamed. The cat is abandoned to a rescue center as a consequence. The problem is entirely of the parent’s making.

Both the child and the animal are victims of poor parental control. That is another thing I dislike strongly. Poor parenting. Allowing kids to run amok in public places. There’s nothing more irritating to me.

Personally, I wouldn’t bring a child into this world anyway. It’s going to be a tough life for a child growing up in today’s world with increased competition because of an increased population. It’s a rat race as they say. But it’s got worse. Life was relatively easy for me when I was a child looking back. Getting on the property ladder wasn’t that difficult back in the day. Nowadays it appears to be almost impossible because of house prices in the UK.

There are also too many instances of dogs killing young children. Once again it is due to poor parenting and poor dog ownership. The consequences can be catastrophic.

The children of today are the future of animal welfare. It’s up to parents to ensure that they understand canine and feline behaviour. Another website of mine, PoC, is full of articles on feline behaviour. The bottom line is that people must respect the domestic cat and dog through understanding their natural and innate behaviours.

Come on parents, learn about cat and dog behavior and teach your kids.

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