Alaskan dog walking service’s bus ride is an adorable must-see video

You’ll love this. You will like it even if you don’t particularly like dogs. It’s a video of dogs living in Alaska being taken for a bus ride to a location where they are then taken for a walk. It’s a dog walking service with a difference. What is so adorable is that Mo and Lee Thompson have high expectations in respect of the etiquette and conduct of the dogs on their bus.

Mo Mountain Mutts
Mo Mountain Mutts bus service. Screenshot.

Mo said:

“The dogs that go on my pack walk need to know my rules and expectations. We try to encourage good doggy citizens.”

Remarkably, and adorably, when the dogs enter the bus, they go to a seat and immediately jump up onto it where they are connected to it with a harness. The dogs greet each other with a smell and a lick. When they are best mates, they love to lick each other enthusiastically as you will see in the video.

It is a scene of harmony and order thanks to Mo and Lee Thompson. They behave like well-behaved school kids.

Apparently, dogs have to queue for seats on the Mo Mountain Mutts bus taking them for walks in Skagway, Alaska.

You will hear the dogs being greeted by name as they enter the bus. Sometimes a dog waits on the sidewalk in the snow for the bus to arrive. On other occasions their owner brings them to the bus.

“Good morning, Jake”, says Mo Thompson when greeting the passenger as he trots aboard. As the enter the bus they make their way down the aisle to the end or to an available seat.

There are seating arrangements. There is, the “licky puppy corner” which is for restless younger pets, I presume because they like to lick each other all the time. The older dogs are placed near the front.

Mo Mountain Mutts is a local dog training and walking business. They care for about 40 pets. They go on these specific trail dog walks up to 3 times a day.

The routine that you see in the video has gone viral as you can expect. This particular video has been seen more than 50 million times. Although TikTok recycles the video in a loop which adds to the number.

Mo Mountain Mutts is the brainchild of husband-and-wife duo Mo and Lee Thompson. They love Alaska and moved there from Michigan in 2014.

They began by walking dogs for residents in Skagway. This is a place which is away from this summer tourist month. It has a population of 2000. Their business started to take off during the pandemic.

The Thompsons decided to share their activities on social media including TikTok where there is a large following and you can see why.

“I originally started posting on social media for my clients. Somewhere along the line the puppy bus just took off, and now the Internet is in love.”-Mo Thompson.

Their Instagram account has 255,000 followers while on TikTok that number is 1.3 million thanks to the videos which are hugely successful as is their business.

What I particularly like about this video is its quality. They have a decent camcorder and you can’t beat a bit of quality in a video to make it stand out. Well done to Mo and Lee Thompson.

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