Chicken runs down long drive to warmly greet school girl as she gets off school bus

Chicken warmly greets school girl companion by running up a long drive to meet her as she gets of the school bus
Chicken warmly greets school girl companion by running up a long drive to meet her as she gets of the school bus. Screenshot.

I am impressed with this chicken. I am also impressed with the relationship between the chicken and the schoolgirl. The way I read this charming video is that they have a very close relationship and the girl is returning from school on the school bus. The chicken, just like any other good companion animal, has an internal clock and knows that the bus is about to arrive and so they go screaming off down a long drive to warmly greet their human companion. It doesn’t get any better than that in terms of an animal-to-human relationship.

So how good are chickens as pets? I have never considered it. I did a bit of research to try and find out. I’m told that chickens have very strong and individual personalities. They can be sweet and shy or cranky and difficult. Sounds like people 😊. They are social creatures and therefore it is advisable to have more than one backyard chicken.

Do hens like to be petted? Many chickens like receiving affection and one way to deliver it is by petting them. You need to move your body slowly and avoid aggressive actions.

Some people think that they should keep their chicken indoors as an indoor pet. The experts say that it is not a good idea to keep chickens permanently inside as it will make them unhappy. They prefer to be outside.

Are they easy companion animal to look after? They are relatively cheap to look after. One website says that they make good pets and of course if you’ve got a hen in your backyard, they can pay for their upkeep by delivering you healthy fresh eggs.

Are chickens low or high maintenance? Chickens are low maintenance but they do require daily care together with monthly and semi-annual maintenance. You should spend at least 10 minutes a day on your pet chicken or chickens., An hour so per month and a few hours twice a year. And of course, there must be some expenses such as purchasing a coop, supplies, and purchasing the birds themselves. The financial costs may be lower but the investment in time if you are doing a good job may be considerable and should be carefully considered.

Is it okay to keep one chicken? Most experts say that it is better to keep them in groups of at least three or more. However, some people do successfully keep one chicken on its own. In the absence of fellow chickens, they can be sociable with fellow humans. This sounds less than ideal, however.

How much space to chickens require? They do not require a lot of space. A chicken coop should provide a minimum of 10 ft² per bird. It is preferable to allow them an outdoor run area where they can move around freely. If they can do this, you might get away with just 2 ft² per bird inside the coop says one expert. However, the more space the better. They like to forage for insects, grasses and weeds and other tidbits. You should allow them to do this because they will be happier and healthier. The primary duty of a companion animal caregiver is to allow their companion animal to behave as naturally as possible.

Another advantage of allowing them free rein of a backyard is that they will help maintain it because they like to scratch and their scratching behaviour aerates the soil. Their droppings fertilise it. And they will eat pests such as grubs and ticks. They like to make dust baths.

Legal staff: apparently in America not all towns allow chickens to be kept as companion animals. You should check the local animal ordinances before adopting a chicken as a companion animal. Where they are allowed there may be regulations regarding waste disposal and the minimum distance required between the coop and the property boundary. This sort of research will pay dividends. There may be noise regulations in your area. You will need to check this.

Neighbour staff: I think it might be wise to consult with your neighbours if you have neighbours nearby because some neighbours might not like it. They might complain and that is the last thing you want to happen.

They might be concerned about noise and smell. And some people might think that you are reducing the ambience of the neighbourhood and its quality. It may be beneficial to consult with them before adopting. Mention that they will be getting some free-range eggs 👍.

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