“CATS LIVES MATTER” banner flown over Anfield ahead of the West Ham game

NEWS AND COMMENT: Kurt Zouma’s cat kicking escapade, which is still being investigated by the RSPCA (they are very slow), rumbles on. Perhaps it is rumbling on because the RSPCA are taking too long to prosecute the man. He has to be prosecuted because it’s all on video. The evidence is there for all to see.

And the fans are still protesting against his behaviour which is nice to see. Somebody paid for a plane to fly over Liverpool’s Anfield football club ground ahead of the West Ham game on Saturday evening. The plane towed a banner stating “CATS LIVES MATTER”.

Cats lives matter. Yes they do!

Cats lives matter. Yes they do! Credit: see photo.

A minor point which I immediately noticed and perhaps you did to is that there is a typo in the banner ?. It should read “CATS’ LIVES MATTER”. There needs to be an apostrophe after ‘cats’. And as it is in the plural me the apostrophe comes after the word. I’m being picky. Perhaps they had difficulty in adding it.

Kurt Zouma continues to be picked in the starting lineup by David Moyes. He was criticised initially for doing this. You may remember, too, that Zouma’s brother filmed the episode and uploaded the video to social media. For this, he was suspended from his team in the lower divisions, Dagenham and Redbridge.

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There is also a picture on the Daily Mail website of a large cat’s head with a sign on it saying “KICK ME”. I don’t like it because although it is criticising Zouma and his animal abuse it also, indirectly encouraging irresponsible men to kick cats.

Cat banner in crowd at West Ham game

Cat banner in crowd at West Ham game. Credit: see image.

There has been a spate, it is reported, of copycat cat kicking. Zouma was very remorseful after the incident as he had to be because his life imploded as the video went viral on social media and he was heavily criticised from all sides.

He was booed on the pitch which must have been distressing but then he deserved it. The story will resurface once the dilatory RSPCA come to a decision on whether to prosecute him or not. At the time, they seized his cats and I presume that they still retain them. Online commenters say that they should be taken from him permanently.

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