Cat looks totally disgusted

Cat wears totally disgusted face
Cat wears totally disgusted face. Twitter screesnhot.

It is hard to tell whether this cat is totally disgusted or pissed off with what is happening before his eyes or that his facial anatomy encourages this look. It’s probably a bit of both but I think it is mainly about his general appearance. It’ll be his fixed expression. This cat looks like a contemporary Persian cat with a typically extreme look. What I mean is that this grumpy appearance has been bred into this cat so whatever the cat is feeling he will always have this appearance with some slight variations of it.

We have to differentiate between the facial appearance of a cat because of selective breeding and expressing emotions through facial expressions. Most often with the domestic cat facial expressions are built into the anatomy. You don’t see great variations in facial expression with domestic cats. You can detect a cat who is suffering from pain because the face becomes tense and the eyes squint. But you won’t see a domestic cat with a big smile on their face unless it’s built in like on the Chartreux but it is a subtle smile. Cats don’t have the muscles to create facial expressions although they have about thirty muscles in their ear flaps which is far more than humans have got. It’s swings and roundabouts.

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