Bucking bronco machine kills beautiful 26-year-old woman

A beautiful bride-to-be, 26-year-old Jessica Lally, died of a heart attack after she fell from a mechanical bull, a ‘bucking bronco’ at a Sheffield bar.

This was an American themed bar in Sheffield, UK. It’s a highly unusual tragedy. Falling from these devices must be fairly common. Around the bull was a padded area. But she went into cardiac arrest and died. She had been planning to get married and had her whole life ahead of her, her mother said.

Jessica Lally
Jessica Lally. Photo: Yorkshire Live/MEN MEDIA

Her mum, Joan, 66, said: “She was such a beautiful girl, so kind and funny. She had got her whole life planned. They were going to get married. She always wrote these fantastic Christmas lists, but that year she just put: a house, a ring and a baby.”

She jumped onto the bucking bronco just like anybody else. Her mother was shocked when the police knocked on her front door at midnight informing her that her daughter had died. They are still dealing with the tragedy and described it as “heartbreaking”.

Jessica worked as a manager for a jewellery company, Pandora. The community is rocked by the news. Over 500 people turned up to mourn her passing at her funeral. A fundraiser has been set up in her name. So far £10,000 has been raised. I believe that the money is going to be used to buy equipment such as defibrillators to help save the lives of others under similar circumstances.

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