Brian Cox gives his definitive assessment on the aliens discovered in Mexico

Mexico alien
Supposed alien unearthed in Mexico is too humanoid and a simple test will demonstrate that it is not genuine. Image: Screenshot.
Mexico alien.
Showing the tiny size of the ‘alien’. Image: Screenshot.

There has been a lot of talk recently about the two, tiny “aliens” unearthed in Mexico. They are miniature alien corpses supposedly, 1000 years old. The pictures and the videos have kicked off a lot of ridicule from the world’s online comedians.

Comedic memes

Clearly a lot of people don’t believe they are real judging by the number of comedic memes.

Alien cake! Screenshot.
Alien comedic memes. Screenshot.

But there’s a certain amount of intrigue as well. The former American military pilots who recently gave evidence at some sort of congressional hearing about UFOs think that these supposed aliens put back the genuine nature of what they are saying. They don’t believe these artefacts are real.

But I think the key element of the story on whether they are genuine or not comes from Brian Cox because he is somebody to be listened to. And he makes an interesting comment which is that they look too human.

Too humanoid

It seems to him and to me that these aliens have been crafted by humans. When humans invent aliens, they almost always do it in their likeness. To humans, aliens look like humans! With some modifications to make them look more alien.

Stop the scrum and test the things!

And Cox adds that they can be sent off to a testing facility and they will tell everyone within a very short space of time whether they are alien or not. Because it’s so simple to test them it points to the fact that this is a performance. A media scrum. A media story and all about entertainment but little to do with reality.

The issue of aliens visiting planet Earth is a very real one and interesting to millions of people. But the genuineness of the question as to whether there is life out there in the vast universe gets undermined by these kinds of distracting stories which feel to me like they’ve been created for the news media.

Brian Cox’s definitive statement on the aliens

My immediate response – they are way too humanoid. It’s very unlikely that an intelligent species that evolved on another planet would look like us. Secondly – send a sample off to 23andme – let alone the University down the road – and they’ll tell you within 10 minutes.

Prof Brian Cox PhD

Humans do like mystery creatures. We need to believe in them. We need to believe in a higher power and be terrified. FYI – ’23andme’ is a DNA testing facility. Yes, just test the DNA of these artefacts and bingo, no more speculation. But the people who put on the show want the speculation. It is part of the fun.

Prof Brian Cox PhD

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