Betsy Smith, 2, preferred a saddle to a pram

Betsy Smith who is two years of age looks super-cute in her riding gear. She is the youngest member of Tedworth Hunt pony club and she began riding before she could walk. She looks like a genuine and accomplished horsewoman and she is!

Betsy Smith a young horsewoman
Betsy Smith a young horsewoman. Photo: CATERS NEWS AGENCY

Her mother, Georgia Hibberd, put her on the back of a pony when she was a baby. She says that her daughter wanted to ride as soon as she saw her brother riding at a club camp. She was one at the time. She sat in her buggy crying that she couldn’t go on a pony. Betty and her brother Arley are often seen on the road near their home in Calne, Wiltshire.

Hibberd likes her children to be outside and she has taught them to understand the risks of horse riding. Some parents might be more wary of allowing their children at such a young age to ride horses on the road.

She bought a pony for Arley when he was 12 months old. She’s a horse rider herself and wanted to give her children the opportunity to try it. Arley always liked horses and Betsy was desperate to join him. Both son and daughter have received some knocks but they always wanted to get back on.

Betsy is very ambitious in her riding. She stands up on her pony and wants to ride backwards. She likes to go faster and do what Arley is doing. She is fearless. Betsy wants to join Arley in competing in Hunter trials and in jumping.

Betsy has become a bit of an Internet star on social media. There is a video of her on social media singing the nursery rhyme Wind the Bobbin Up. It is very popular with many likes and comments. I can’t find the video.

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