Be amused. Be very amused by this little hamster copying voices and animal sounds

Toy hamster hilariously copies what humans say and animal vocalisations. The talking hamster is very amusing as it copies people and pets. A great present for a child I would have thought.

Talking hamster
Talking hamster is very amusing as it copies people and pets. Image: the retailer.

You’ll be amused by this toy. I am laughing as I type this. Brilliant idea for a toy. Take a look at the video. You are sure to enjoy it. The little, plush toy hamster also copies the sounds made by infants. Anything is fair game. The opening sequence is brilliant as a rotund man speaks in a rather overbearing way at the motorist who is in fits of giggles as his copycat hamster spits back the words used by the man in a glow suit.

It is called a ‘Funny Talking Hamster Plush Toy’. And the price is just right at a modest £15.84 in the UK. I don’t get a commission!

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