Discussing animal welfare almost pointless when Putin raises spectre of nuclear war

NEWS AND VIEWS: The terrorist state called Russia, run by the paranoid dictator Putin and his sidekick Medvedev may lead us to nuclear war and at the least the destruction of vital undersea cables serving the UK, Europe and the US. Putin has been threatening nuclear war for a long time now. It seems to me that it is playing on his mind all the time. He has an itch: the desire to push the red button to start a nuclear war.

Putin raises the spectre of nuclear war in Europe
Putin raises the spectre of nuclear war in Europe. Image: MikeB

Putin portrays the Ukraine war as a ‘scared battle against Western Satanism’ (The Times). This thought process is incredibly dangerous. The man is on a mission. He is messianic in his desire to fight the West. With that attitude he is well motivated to take huge risks and even start a war which destroys the West and Russia. It seems to me that he is beginning to accept that he may have to hurt Russia very badly to attain his goal.

And Medvedev, the former Russian president, has said that Moscow has the moral right to destroy enemy communications infrastructure under the North Sea because of his claim that the West was involved in the blowing up of Nord Streams 1 and 2, the gas pipelines last year.

The destruction of these communication cables would be hugely damaging for Europe and America. It would be an act of war. It would probably commence a world war.

These news stories emerging today in The Times thrusts important aspects of human life such as animal welfare into the shade. There would death and destruction on an unimaginable scale.

The Times has published a map showing how much damage a 50-kiloton bomb would inflict on London if it blew up over East London. They are taking the threat seriously. Everyone within an 8-mile radius would be fried with 100 percent third degree burns. The fireball would be up to 1 kilometer across.

Belarus has begun taking delivery of tactical nuclear weapons. President Lukashenko has said that he would use them if he deems it necessary. An influential Kremlin adviser has recommended nuclear strikes on Europe. The nuclear rhetoric will continue. The intention: to force Europe to stop supporting Ukraine.

European and American support for Ukraine is the reason why Russia is losing the war.

These top Russians are paranoid. Slightly mad. Sergey Karaganov said:

This is a morally terrible choice – we use the weapons of God, dooming ourselves to severe spiritual losses. But if this is not done, not only Russia may perish, but, most likely, the entire human civilisation will end.”

That is irrational. He is saying that without nuclear war human civilisation will end and nuclear war is necessary to prevent it!! Like I said he is as mad as a fruit cake. Yes, I know I am being rude but it is necessary.

He wrote that in an article titled A Difficult but Necessary Decision, published by Global Affairs, a Kremlin-linked website. The attitude that those words portray strongly indicates to me that top Russian advisers and Putin himself are seriously considering using nuclear weapons and escalating the Ukraine invasion to a world war of mass destruction.

For about three years I have had a doom-laden premonition that something very bad is going to happen which affects us all. Perhaps this is it although we’ve passed through the Covid-19 which killed 7 million people. That’s bad enough but using nuclear weapons would literally be the end.

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