Are wolf hybrids legal in Ohio?

An Ohioan citizen can legally own and possess a wolf hybrid (wolfdog) as they are specifically referred to in the relevant law of Ohio which is Chapter 935. Dangerous Wild Animals and Restricted Snakes. Section 935.01 Definitions states at subsection (C)(2) “Gray wolves, excluding hybrids” are listed under what this law calls ‘dangerous wild animals’. Therefore, wolves are considered to be dangerous wild animals and wolf hybrids are not. Thus, the prohibitions of ownership as set out under this Act do not apply to wolf hybrids.

Wolfdog. Photo: PDSA website.

For completeness, if a person wants to own a wolf as an individual citizen of Ohio, they are forbidden to do so. This does not preclude licensed organisations owning wolves. A full list of these organisations and circumstances are on another page that I wrote about the ownership of servals in Ohio. Servals are regarded as dangerous wild animals as well and therefore individual citizens of Ohio cannot own or possess them.

Please click on the link below to go to that page about servals in Ohio and you will see the list of exceptions to this law. The link opens in a new tab/window so you stay on this page.

Are servals legal in Ohio?

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