Anaconda constricting a van is believed. The gullible are targeted.

Anaconda video is believed by some
Anaconda video is believed by some. Screenshot.

The remarkable thing about this TikTok video is that it is believed by some viewers. Not all obviously but some people actually believe that what they are seeing is true and real. It ain’t, clearly. The video has attracted almost 73 million views at this time. Although TikTok video viewing counts are heavily distorted upwards as they automatically repeat over and over and each one counts. The TikTok numbers are a fake just like the video. A good and clever fake (TikTok numbers).

There is a wider issue to discuss here. The people who believe this video to be genuine are gullible. They are exposed to scams. Scammers target the gullible. They know who they are and where they are. They know what they do and where they go throughout the day. They know their movements because all of this information is collected by websites such as Google and Facebook and other social media sites.

The scammers then target the gullible with adverts. These are scamming ads. The platforms I have mentioned allow them to exist not because they want them to but because they don’t have the means to stop it. Facebook is too big and there are too many uploads and postings daily to control content despite an army of FB moderators. FB is out of control if we are honest which is why governments are coming around to the idea that they need to be regulated.

What has this got to do with the animal-human relationship? A lot actually. What about ads on social media selling animals? These are not allowed on FB but they are there for the same reasons I have mentioned.

The sellers ask for money up front to reserve a cute kitten sold as a purebred cat but which is a moggie. The gullible send hundreds of dollars up front. The never see it again nor the seller or the kitten. NEVER send money over the internet upfront. NEVER.

Many ads on social media to do with investments are scams too. Nowadays, the starting point in whatever you do on the internet and in receiving emails is to be skeptical. The default is to disbelieve and after checks you might start to believe. There are too many fake images, adverts, statements, you name it, it can be fake.

Many people such as Putin have become so adept at presenting fake information that they can convince people that black is white, white is black, fake news in real news and real news is fake news.

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