4 distinct noises heard in the search for Nessie

NEWS AND VIEWS: I am sorry but it is sad that we are so obsessed with the Loch Ness monster aka Nessie. Well, not all of us thank God but there are a large number of believers. They are the same kind of people who believe that there are big cats hiding in the British countryside and have been for decades. It is all mumbo-jumbo I am afraid.

Nessie does not exist.
Nessie. Image: MikeB (Canva).

It is a belief born out of superstition and superstition is born out of fear. All humans are fearful of something, anything all of the time.

The latest report is that Alan McKenna – one of those at the loch braving the horrendous weather conditions who runs Loch Ness Explorations – was testing his hydrophone system which hangs 60 feet into the loch and he picked up some unexplained sounds. Sorry but it’s so obviously hope and expectation driving imagination.

He said:

When we were testing the equipment, we did hear four distinctive noises that we don’t know where they were coming from. We don’t know what the origin of them was which is quite exciting.

Delusional I’d say. Sorry if that sounds like an insult.

More than 200 volunteers have descended on the loch in a forlorn search for the mythical creature lurking in the 750 feet depths of this lake.

The myth started with an alleged sighting by St. Columbia in 565 AD. He probably had an ulterior motive: to convert some heathens to Christianity.

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