3 golden retrievers sleep with noses touching

There can be only one reason why these three golden retrievers are snoozing with their noses touching: they like it and find it reassuring as they are connecting with each other through their scent of their breath. We know that dogs ‘see’ the world through their noses. Their noses are that keen and sensitive that their world is almost defined by what they smell. It’s the most important sense that they have compared the human whose primary sense is visual.

3 dogs sleep with noses touching
3 dogs sleep with noses touching. Screenshot from Twitter video.

If a dog likes to snooze like this with their noses touching they must be inhaling the breath of the other two dogs and they can only be doing this because they enjoy it and it is my submission that they enjoy it because it is reassuring to them. I think it’s an alternative to the human behaviour of sleeping with an arm around a partner. There’s a reassuring connection between the two people. In this instance the connection is via the scent of their breath. That’s my assessment and I couldn’t find anything on the Internet which explained what you see in the photograph. There has to be a commonsense explanation which is exactly what I provided. You have an alternative? I’d love a comment 🙂 !


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