Zoo vandals (or animal advocates) cut fencing and locks to release animals

New Mexico: police officers are searching for the vandal or vandals who released animals from enclosures at a New Mexico zoo by cutting locks and fencing. Four animals escaped although they were found within 20 minutes in non-public areas of Spring River Park and Zoo, Roswell.

Spring River Park and Zoo
Spring River Park and Zoo. These are a couple of bobcats. Photo: Pinterest.

Obviously the animals could have hurt people and the animals themselves were put in danger. One of the animals with a bobcat. Bobcats are not dangerous to people by the way. I have discovered that the animals were: a raccoon, two raccoon-like coatimundis and a bobcat. The zoo was evacuated.

Perhaps the person or persons who did this was not a vandal but an animal rights activist who wanted to release the animals because she does not believe in keeping them captive for the entertainment of others. That possibility appears not to have been reported on.

If he or she is caught then they could use that as an argument in mitigation, I would suggest!

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