You can buy seal sausages in Russia and animal advocates are disgusted

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Seal meat can

Animal advocates in Russia are disgusted at the sale of seal sausages manufactured by a company based in the Magadan region on the Sea of Okhotsk. This is 3,600 miles from Moscow. We are told in The Times that about 140 seals have been clubbed to death or shot to provide the raw meat for sausages which are so far only sold locally.

Seal meat can

The meat is also used to produce pâté and a Spam-like chopped meat.

Olga Salnikova, a member of a group supporting a petition. on the website appealed to Mr Putin for a ban. She believes that it is primitive and immoral.

“There is absolutely no need to kill seals, which are highly developed mammals, for food.”

Olga Salnikova

A zoologist, Ilya Volodin, makes a more pragmatic and practical point namely that, “It’s senseless to make sausage from seals because it’s cheaper and easier to make from cows.”

To conclude, animal lovers are appealing to Pres. Putin to ban the production of seal meat.

Comment: it does have connotations of animal abuse. And thinking of the Canadian seal hunt where young seals are clubbed to death. We can do better. It is just wrong and I agree with the lady who says that it is immoral. There is no need for it and it shows a disdainful attitude towards wildlife and the natural world which in turn is linked to global warming. I mean that this attitude results in global warming.