What it’s like on your roof with your dog during Kentucky flash food

Woman and dog stuck on roof during Kentucky floods
Woman and dog stuck on roof during Kentucky floods. Screenshot.

This is a good POV (point of view) short video on TikTok which shows us what it is like to survive in Kentucky’s floods by climbing onto the pinnacle of your house’s roof with your dog and wait to be rescued. Chloe Adams wisely took her phone and must have called the rescue services. I hope she made it okay. This flood is deadly. Her dog is calm and they’ve managed for the time being. It must be very depressing to know that you are sitting above all your possessions that are sloshing around 12 feet of muddy water. Everything you have destroyed by the flood.


The Kentucky floods have been devastating with a current death toll of 35 and hundreds unaccounted for. I would like to add into the reporting the loss of animals including cats and dogs. We must not forget them. The news media reports always refer to people and then as an afterthought almost, some days later, we see the rescue operation of animals but I would like to mention them right away if that is okay.

The governor of Kentucky said that the administration does not as yet have a firm grasp on the problem and remarked that it was nearly impossible at the moment to deal with it. A lot of the infrastructure has been knocked out. Although cell phone service is returning to some of the state’s worst hit areas.

The mayor of Hindman, Kentucky, Tracy Neice, told CNN that they had never seen “water of this nature” having lived in the area for 56 years.

A particularly tragic aspect of the flooding concerns the drowning of four siblings: Chance, 2; Nevaeh, 4; Riley Jr., 6; and Madison, 8. That is terrible. Quite shocking. They were identified by their aunt. They died after the family’s mobile home flooded last week. They sought shelter on the roof but “The water got so strong it just washed them away” said the sister of the mother and her kids.

CNN reports that “the climate crisis”, a reference to global warming, “fuels more frequent extreme weather events” with “several areas of the US currently experiencing flash flood risk including swathes of the desert Southwest, Knoxville, Tennessee, and Tucson, Arizona.

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