Warning: humankind charging toward catastrophe with huge rise in Amazon destruction

Just at the time when humanity should be preserving forests as they are vital to curb global warming, deforestation in the Amazon rose sharply in April as shown in satellite data from the Brazilian space research agency INPE. In Brazil forest destruction increased by 64% compaed wth the same month last year. In the first four months of 2020 it is up by 55% from a year ago at 1,202 square kilometres. A staggeringly large area. And it is not just about global warming. What about all the precious wild species who must live in the forest to survive? They have no home. They are gradually becoming extinct in the wild.

Amazon destruction getting worse in Brazil.
Amazon destruction. Picture in public domain.

Enviromentalists blame the increased deforestation on the current president of Brazil, Bolsonaro. He wants more farming and mining in the forest. A classic way to destroy it. This story is played out across the planet. Africa is as bad. Apparently he sent in troops to stop illegal logging. Was that a PR exercise?

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