Trump’s Republican followers are almost fascists

Ultimately this is about animal welfare (as per the website’s goals) because when conservative-minded people are too right wing they are less likely to be animal advocates and more likely to enjoy shooting them for pleasure. Everybody on the planet has read about and seen on television the storming of the Capitol building egged on by Pres Trump who instigated the whole process. It’s been called an insurrection (correct description) and there has been huge consequences one of which is the complete shutting down of Pres Trump on social media including the alt-right website which has being closed by the hosting company, Amazon. Incidentally the shutting up of Trump by business leaders is also incredibly dubious and dangerous.

Insurrection at the instigation of Trump
Insurrection at the instigation of Trump. Photo: AFP via Getty Images

But the added point to make is that there are calls among Trump’s followers to make coordinated attacks on 50 state capitols. The FBI are worried that armed protesters will be repeating what they did in Washington across the country. The conclusion is that there is a huge segment of society in America who are essentially alt-right. They appear to be fascists as does Trump.

These are not just conservative voters i.e. Republicans. They appear to be way further right than that. We know that Trump has the support of almost half of America. Obviously not everyone of these people are the sort who would march on a government building and break into it as we saw on television. But they do support Trump and his ideas. It makes me wonder whether America has become borderline fascist. This squares up with their love of guns.

It’s impossible to reduce the number of guns in America because gun lovers always quote the second amendment to the constitution, the right to keep and bear arms, which was written hundreds of years ago when it made sense in terms of keeping an army but it was not meant to refer to personal self-defense. This aspect of the constitution is being used against itself because it doesn’t really apply in the modern age as it did when it was written. But America’s fascist mentality always quote it as their solemn right to carry handguns. Which is why America has such a massively high gun homicide rate. Way out of proportion to population size compared to any other developed country.

I’m just shocked to read in the paper today that they could be more storming of government buildings across America. And to think that Trump has this massive support when he behaves almost like a dictator. He tries to behave like a dictator in a democracy. He’d be at home in African or in a banana republic somewhere.

Trump's sons love trophy hunting in Africa

Trump’s sons love trophy hunting in Africa.

As mentioned, this links up to animal welfare in my view. Trump’s sons like to travel to Africa to trophy hunt. He supports and loves his sons. They reciprocate. Trump has always supported the gun lobby in America. He has made laws which are objectionable to anybody with any decency and love of animals. I’m thinking of a law he instigated or created which allows hunters to shoot bears and their cubs in dens during hibernation. Horrendous really. As part of that same fascist mentality.

I’ve never seen such a comprehensive shutdown on social media against a single individual as has happened against Trump. He has no platforms any more in which to spew out his rhetoric. It’s extraordinary that Amazon who host, an alt-right social media platform, have simply pull the plug on the website. That was a big website. It was a popular website with far right thinking people. It had some value by which I mean monetary value. I don’t know whether Amazon is going to compensate the owners of the website. Probably not but there’s an argument there that they should although I agree that it should be shut down. I’ve just never seen that sort of thing happen before.

It was interesting to read that Trump had been “permanently suspended” from Twitter. That’s an oxymoron because to be suspended as to be subject to something temporarily. Just a small point. He’s now been banned permanently from that website which is a better description. Trump has buried himself. He’ll become invisible online. This is what the mainstream want.

Definition of fascist from Wikipedia: Fascism (/ˈfæʃɪzəm/) is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and of the economy which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe. Sounds a pretty good description to me of the behavior of some of the people who support Trump.

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