Three thriving dogs who escaped the Chinese dog meat trade

A 22-year-old British student, Skye Wardle, has saved three ‘slaughterhouse’ dogs from China and they are all thriving under her care.

She first adopted Clover, a male Golden Retriever, in Nov. 2016. Clover was in a terrible state of poor health at a dog slaughter house in Changchun. He has been psychologically affected by his Chinese ordeal but is sweet and friendly.

The 3 dogs enjoying life in the UK

She then adopted Bonnie another golden retriever in March 2018. She was abandoned in Beijing. She had distemper which is 80% fatal in puppies and an involuntary tic. She is now a bundle of fun.

Later she rescued Nellie a Samoyed dog. She was rescued from a puppy mill bred for dog meat. She had been set on fire. Nellie was pregnant when rescued by Skye and gave birth to 7 puppies, all homed in the US. Nellie adores life now according to Miss Wardle.

Miss Wardle works for animal charities and an avowed animal lover. Like many others she was aware of the Chinese cat and dog meat market.

Skye with Clover

She wanted to help and was able to do so through a Facebook rescue group: Rushton Dog Rescue. She notice Clover and wanted to adopt him immediately. It happened. Clover was shipped over to the dog rescue’s farm in Somerset from where Miss Wardle adopted him.

All three dogs have been rescued and adopted in the same way.

Her three dogs enjoy life together thousands of miles away from the despicable Chinese slaughter houses.

Clover at time of rescue

Wow, I am so impressed with Rushton Dog Rescue and Skye who lives in Gloucestershire, UK.