Sizewell C power station catastrophic for wildlife

Sizewell C proposed appearance
Sizewell C proposed appearance. Image: EDF.

The RSPB say that the proposed Sizewell C powerstation earmarked to be built between Dunwich and Aldeburgh could cause catastrophic damage to wildlife because the site is close to RSPB’s Minsmere reserve which is home to 6,000 species. The RSPB chief executive, Beccy Speight, said that Boris Johnson must not let EDF pull the wool over his eyes. It is believed that the government is taking an ownership stake in Sizewell C. This means that consumers would have to share the risk of cost overruns in its construction. EDF say that there will be net gains for biodiversity in the building of the power station. I don’t have a report on how that statement is going to be effected. The RSPB also say that once the construction has started there will be increased levels of noise and light pollution which will affect wading birds, geese, breeding ducks and rare Marsh harriers who are sensitive to noise and light pollution. There will also be long-term effects they say.

Sources: The Times and RSPB.


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