Sad photo of ‘disposable’ dumped dog curled up on roadside for 2 days

Dog curled up at side of road where she was abandoned by her owner with some dry food
Dog curled up at side of road where she was abandoned by her owner with some dry food. Image: Twitter.

It appears that the dog was dumped on a remote road in freezing conditions and waited where she was dumped for 2 days until rescued. A testament to the connection the dog felt towards her caregiver. An emotional bond that was not reciprocated.

This is the caption to the photo on Twitter:

“I was there where you left me for two whole days. Sleeping right on the side of the road. I was terrified of the noise from the cars but I did not move. Last night one of those cars stopped and she got out. She invited me to lunch but I said no.” – Angie Karan on Twitter

It happened in the middle of winter and the dog has a single coat. This is one of her follow up comments:

“Savannah, rescued by Pet Search on February 1, 2021. She was found curled up at the edge of the road near the former Churchill Country Club that was closed. A bag with food was thrown in the road in front of her. She was adopted by her Pet Search foster family Carlie and Jamie.” – Angie Karan on Twitter


“We are grateful for the woman and her Girl Scout troop who were walking along the road and found her and reached out to Pet Search to help. We do this because “HER LIFE MATTERED” ????????????”

Comment: This is not untypical in any country. I believe the story comes from the US but it could’ve been anywhere in truth. Perhaps it is more prevalent in the United States than the majority of countries in the West, partly because there is so much space in the US. You can dump a dog surreptitiously, incognito easily.

As they say, too many people still believe that companion animals care disposable. They don’t seem to grasp the concept of ‘sentient being’, one that feels joy and pain. That has emotions and strong connections to their caregiver who sadly in this instance has catastrophically failed in that department.

A sensitivity to the emotions that a sentient being experiences prevents abuses and cruelty against that individual. The person who fly-tipped this dog like trash on the side of the road does not have those sensitivities.

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