Privacy policy statement for this website:

Privacy policy statement for animal-human-relationship

This is an unconventional privacy policy statement because I have not followed a template. It is out of my head and I am doing it like that because I have no interest whatsoever in intruding on your privacy. I support your privacy totally. In fact, I am doing nothing deliberately to harvest information from you.

Privacy policy statement for animal-human-relationship

Privacy policy statement for animal-human-relationship

If information is harvested from you, it will be via some software on this website or via browsers which is out of my control. The classic case would be advertising. Google adverts are on this website and Google needs to collect data about Internet users in order to make their adverts more targeted. Therefore, Google through your use of the internet harvests information from you. Advertisers are the ones who know about you. I have no knowledge whatsoever about the typical visitor to this website and I don’t want to know either.

There are no subscribers to this website because I do not run a subscription service therefore that avenue for collecting personal data is closed off. I am scratching my head to try and figure out what other software would affect privacy. I guess that is why this statement is unusual or atypical. It should be because privacy shouldn’t be an issue on this website. It isn’t for me so please feel safe to use it but also be aware that advertisers know something about you and there are things such as cookies which are bits of software used by websites to make it work better.

Privacy policy

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Normally cookies are used for things such as logging on without having to enter data. That wouldn’t apply to any visitor to this website but it applies to me in managing the website. I don’t deliberately run cookies. They are automatically built into Internet browsers such as Chrome and Microsoft Edge. You will have that issue whatever you do on the Internet and whichever site you visit. Essentially cookies let websites remember you.

Search engines also learn about you to help you search the internet more effectively. One browser does not do this: Use them if you are concerned about your privacy. It is a good internet browser.

I can’t think of anything else at the moment. If you have an issue with it then please leave a comment. If you can add to this page then please do so in a comment. Your assistance would be most welcome.