Prince Harry used to shoot birds and other animals for fun

It might be a little-known fact that Prince Harry of the Harry and Meghan soap opera, which is so profoundly in the news at the moment, used to enjoy sport hunting. He probably still does it for all I know. But The Times today, reports that when he was younger, he thoroughly enjoyed a moment in Spain with his brother shooting birds.

The journalist, Valentino Low, writes:

“By the end of the shoot they were drenched with sweat, famished and the ground around them was piled high with dead birds.”

Harry said of the occasion:

“But we were happy because we were young and we were together, in our element, in the place that really belonged to us, far from them and close to nature.”

Looking back at that time (and I don’t have a date) he had thought about it and his views had changed. He said:

“I realise that, in a way, death had always been present even in our most beautiful moments, in my happiest memories. Our life had been founded on it and its shadow darkened our happiest days….Enough of death, it’s over. What is this family waiting for to free itself and live?”

We were happy because we were our element...
We were happy because we were young…in our element…Harry as a short hunter enjoying killing sentient beings. Image: MikeB.

The last line indicates that he has stopped sport hunting. Of course, he was brought up in an environment where “countryside pursuits” are normal. The entire royal family it seems to me are engaged in sport hunting particularly shooting birds on the royal family’s estates. It’s all very normal for them to take pot shots at sentient beings for the fun of it.

William is the same. And Charles is involved as well and so is his brother Edward. You’ll see photographs on the internet of them with their shotguns and those horrible countryside pursuit, game hunting jackets and trousers.

I think people should know about this. He has been pronouncing to the world in a holier than thou way about his mental health and how the Royal family damaged and severely upset Meghan his wife. He is looking for sympathy.

Politician-turned-radio host Scott Emerson, 58, described Harry as:

“The ginger and the whinger.”

Disrespectful but I think Harry has deserved it.

He’s had the support of a number of people from psychiatrists and other therapists allegedly brainwashing him according to William. Perhaps he is brainwashed. You would be forgiven for thinking so when reading the reports about his book, “Spare” so lavishly reviewed in the news media.

But I don’t think taking young boys to game shooting meetings improves their mental health either. When you take a young boy or girl to shoot animals and treat the birds as inanimate objects floating around the sky, it can’t be good for mental health. It can’t be good in terms of maintaining a moral compass about what is right and wrong.

He speaks a lot about mental health and how people should be sensitive to others regarding their mental health. But he is or was complete insensitivity towards the sentience of animals and their welfare it seems to me. He is hypocritical and confused.

My personal view about Harry that he is mixed up. I think he contradicts himself quite a lot and he positively should not be disclosing the minutiae of family life including sensitive, private and intimate conversations he had with some family members to the entire world. It is washing your dirty linen in public in a grand way. This, for me, is inappropriate and entirely wrong. I think he will regret it in the future.

I also think that Meghan is a major driving force behind his current attitude. Before he met her, he said that he was happy being a royal working in the royal family. After he married Meghan, he’s been slagging off the royal family left right and center in every way possible and disappeared to California.

I take that to indicate that Meghan has had a big influence on him. I also think that he is quite a vulnerable and naïve person (and not the brightest penny in the box) who can be influenced because he doesn’t have a mind of his own.

Although he thinks he does as he describes his book as his story – “I own my story”. It was ghost written.

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