Nightingale songbird thrives in Berlin’s messy parks

In comparison to England’s Garston Wood (where you would expect the nightingale to live contentedly but does not) the messy parks of Berlin are proving to be perfect places in terms of habitat for this delightful songbird which makes both joyful and melancholy music.

Tiergarten Park, Berlin where nightingales feel at home
Tiergarten Park, Berlin where nightingales feel at home. Photo in public domain.

These birds nest on the ground and therefore they need thick undergrowth to provide safety. Berlin’s scruffy parks are very much to the nightingale’s taste.

Sarah Darwin, 55, George Darwin’s great-great-granddaughter who lives in Berlin said in The Times newspaper that she was shocked and delighted to hear the sweet song of the nightingale emanating from the branch of a tree just outside her apartment window. She was equally delighted to hear the nightingale’s song while she was walking up the steps to a cultural centre in the central Tiergarten Park.

Sarah Darwin says that Berlin suits the nightingale.

“It’s kind of cool and has a strong sense of appreciation for nightlife. It’s much more techno than Paganini.”

Sarah Darwin

The hunting ground of the Royals, Garston Wood, is being fenced off by the RSPB (who own it) to keep the deer out and to allow nightingales to flourish. Deer destroy the habitat of the nightingale. Neighbouring famers are complaining.

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