McDonald’s may serve up vegan burgers worldwide soon

In the near future, McDonald’s may well be serving up vegan burgers worldwide. The chief executive, Steve Easterbrook has given an indication that they’re going to introduce vegan options on the menu on a worldwide basis.

Big Vegan TS
Big Vegan TS. Photo in public domain.

McDonald’s are considering meat-substitutes alongside to him McNuggets and Big Macs. Mr Easterbrook was being interviewed by CNBC in America.

Burger King already sell the plant-based burger called the Impossible Whopper. They started selling it in April of this Year. In the UK, Greggs have a vegan sausage roll which they started to sell in January. As I recall, it’s popular.

Easterbrook said it was more difficult to introduce vegan products because of cross contamination issues. So the question was whether the demand i.e. the benefits will outweigh the downside i.e. the complexities of introducing vegan products.

Mc Donald’s provide vegan products in some European countries. In Germany they have the Big Vegan TS. This is a burger made by Nestlé made out of soy and wheat. One reviewer thought it was exactly the same as the ordinary meat product in terms of taste.

Plant-based burgers are going to be big business. They can make them taste like classic burgers but they are much better for the environment. People are far more environment-sensitive. They’re going to buy them, big time.

Vegan burgers will be great for the planet and therefore great for the animals. Less methane from cattle. Less global warming. Less reliance on livestock. Less abuse. Better animal welfare.

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