I thought this dog was dead

Phranakhon Sri Ayutthaya, Central Thailand: No, this husky dog is not dead but fast asleep on a table. His head has flopped over the edge and his mouth has opened. He’s drooling apparently. His human companion is Aui Patcharida, who filmed him. He is a Siberian Husky, one year old. His name is ‘Airport’. An interesting name for a dog! Perhaps he was rescued from an airport. She said that Airport “loves taking an afternoon nap, but he cannot keep his mouth closed while sleeping. Look at how funny he looks.” Yes, he does look funny but for a minute he also looked as if he was dead. Perhaps he is too hot and is cooling himself down while he sleeps? Or, it is more likely to be gravity which makes his mouth droop open.

Dog looks dead but is fast asleep

Dog looks dead but is fast asleep. Screenshot.

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