Frog rides on the back of a large yellow snake in India

Frog rides on the back of a large pale-yellow snake in India
Frog rides on the back of a large pale-yellow snake in India. Screenshot.

Coolest little frog in the jungle. Or maybe he/she is a toad. I have no idea. I don’t have any information about the video except that it was uploaded by an Indian Forest Service official, Susanta Nanda. So, this is India. It does not help me to identify the species of snake. The little fella is very confident that he’s not going to be dinner. Perhaps he knows that the snake has just eaten dinner. I have a feeling that this sort of amphibian behavior might not be as rare as it looks.

I thought that the frog might be poisonous but there are no poisonous frogs in India. Indian toads can be poisonous but not to the point where they are a hazard to humans and therefore not to this snake either, I’d expect.

This may be a safe option for the frog. I have seen a squirrel evade an attack by a cat by jumping onto the cat’s back which completely bemused the feline and she could not get to the squirrel. Perhaps the snake does not feel that the frog is there. The video has gone viral because of its unusualness.

It would be funny if they were the best of friends; a glorious interspecies friendship. It is not beyond the bounds of possibility. I have seen some really strange couplings. What about a dog and a crow for instance?

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