The French bulldog money pit!

French bulldog is expensive to care for

The French Bulldog is ridiculously expensive to look after. In one case, her insurance bill was over £1700. This is because the French Bulldog is the world’s most unhealthy dog breed. They suffer from 21 inherited diseases. They are still a popular breed because people like the look of them but they should do more research on health and the cost of treating that health which is very poor. In the UK there is a trend called dogflation which is rapidly increasing prices across the board in looking after a dog which is risen by almost 14% over one year. Pretty well everything has gone up including grooming, food, insurance, veterinary bills and so on and so forth. People who adopt a dog really should do some careful budgeting before they take that big step of looking after a dog for its lifetime. And they should do some research on the health of the dog breed because an unhealthy dog can cause a lot of heartache and emotional distress and you may be saying goodbye earlier than you thought. In the meantime you are shelling out pots of money.

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