Enterprising woman carries her 52-pound Samoyed dog in a backpack on NYC subway

52-pound dog carried in backpack on NYC subway
52-pound dog carried in backpack on NYC subway to beat the rules. Image: Screenshot.

This enterprising woman, Jackie Hornung, carries her 52-pound white Samoyed dog in a backpack to beat the NYC subway rules which state:

“No person may bring any animal on our into any conveyance or facility unless enclosed in a container.” – MTA.

A lot of subway travellers have devised their own solution. None decided to carry a 52-pound dog in a large backpack! Neat idea.

She says that her dog loves being carried like this and she gets lots of attention from fellow travellers. She would. She got my attention too.

I have a strong feeling that her dog is relaxed and content because of the ‘ThunderShirt effect’. You can buy a dog calming harness on Amazon called the ThunderShirt.

ThunderShirt. A dog calming device (and for cats). Image: Amazon.

It works by applying pressure to the sides of the body and for some reason it calms the dog. It is normally used for events that frighten dogs such as fireworks. Being stuffed into a backpack must have the same effect.

The retailers don’t explain how it works. My theory is that the pressure on the flanks of the dog is reminiscent of when they were puppies feeding at their mother’s breast. They are close to their siblings, pushed together. The shirt triggers the good feelings that the puppy experienced at that time and calms them.

Just a wild theory but someone’s got to try. What do you think?

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