Effigy of Greta Thunberg hanging by a noose in Rome

Someone in Rome has hung an effigy of the well-known teenage climate activists, Greta Thunberg, from a noose under a bridge in Rome. On it is a sign saying “Greta is your God”.

Hanging effigy of Greta Thurberg
Hanging effigy of Greta Thurberg. Photo: Twitter.

This is another more direct and unpleasant reaction to Greta Thunberg’s climate change activism. She is being rejected by the establishment. As she has so wisely said, when people can’t argue against her by quoting the science, they simply insult her in any way possible. She then knows that she is winning the argument.

However, this is a disturbing development and it is very disappointing because it does tell us that the world is not ready to give up on its habits in order to take steps to limit climate change. I wonder whether it will ever be ready and whether this is the beginning of the end for the human species and for many animal species.

This article is in tune with the ethos of this website which is the relationship between humans and animals and how we affect them. Climate change is affecting animals worldwide. That and habitat loss are perhaps the two greatest threats to wildlife. I read today that climate change is affecting the habitat of the snow leopard. Not everyone believes in climate change but if you follow the science you should.

The mayor of the Italian capital, Virginia Raggi, condemned the effigy as shameful. She said that she was behind Greta Thunberg and committed to taking steps to deal with climate change.

Italian authorities have opened an investigation under ‘aggravated threats’. Greta is currently in the United States visiting American Indian reservations in the Dakotas to talk about oil pipelines. You may remember that she went to America on a sailing boat to highlight the need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Politicians and the establishment are firmly against her. As mentioned this is depressing. It reminds us that politicians and businesses are putting short-term measures and profits ahead of long-term benefits to animals and people. They are mortgaging the future which is why the world’s youngsters, schoolchildren and teenagers are anxious about the future. It is also why they are the most vociferous in their protestations about the failure of leaders to deal with this most pressing threat to our planet.

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