Butterflies Flutter Back

The butterfly monitoring scheme managed by Butterfly Conservation brings us good wildlife conservation news. I have to balance the bad with the good.

Large blue butterfly
Large blue butterfly – YouTube screenshot

More than 66% of butterfly species in Britain were seen in greater numbers in 2018 compared to 2017 due to the blistering two months of glorious weather we enjoyed or sweltered in.

Two of the rarest butterflies, the large blue and the black hairstreak recorded their best year since records began back in 1976. The large blue which was reintroduced from the continent rose by 58% in number.

Brown argus and speckled wood butterflies also thrived. They had their best year on record.

The long term prognosis for UK butterflies is poor because, in general, 66% of UK butterfly species are in long term decline.

Clearly warm weather has a very positive impact on the welfare of butterflies. Weather and habitat are key elements in conservation it appears.

Individuals in homes with gardens and residents of shared freehold apartment blocks can leave areas unmown and plant native wildflower species to help in butterfly conservation.

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