Bullfighting resumes in Mexico City after a ban was revoked

In June, 2022, I wrote about a judge extending a ban on bullfighting in Mexico City. Mexico is the largest venue for bullfighting outside of Spain. The administrators of the bullfighting arena, La Plaza Mexico, protested and they called on the fans to protest the judge’s ruling.

They considered it an affront to their freedoms. The company that runs the stadium appealed to a local court. In the meantime the bullfighting was suspended.

It is now reported that the bullfighting ban in Mexico City has been lifted. I noticed there is not a story in The Times but in a photograph of thousands of fans flocking to bullfighting in Mexico City last Sunday after the ban was revoked.

Seven other countries around the world hold bullfights and they are Ecuador, Spain, Colombia, France, Portugal, Peru and Venezuela.

There are plans to hold a referendum on the future of bullfighting in Mexico City. Opposition has grown to bullfighting. As at today’s date I understand that four Mexican states have banned bullfighting. It has taken place in Mexico for many centuries but opposition has gradually grown.

Animal rights activists have taken to the streets of Mexico City to protest the return of bullfighting to the capital. Bullfighting had been suspended for almost 2 years.

Animal advocates would argue that bullfighting is a form of torture. It is animal cruelty for many animal advocates.

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