Brigitte Bardot campaigns to protect the working dogs at the Paris Olympics

Brigitte Bardot is a very high profile animal advocate. She gives her love and energies to animal welfare and has achieved much in this second phase of her life. She has now turned her efforts to the hundreds of security dogs who are at risk of abuse through overwork at next summer’s Paris Olympics.

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Brigitte Bardot has called on the French government to introduce new regulations to protect the animals.

Bardot’s foundation claims that the dogs will be used as “work tools” for security and crowd control. The breed of dog which is likely to be selected for this task is the Belgian Shepherd, I’m told.

And during the Olympics it is claimed that they will often be cooped up in cars for long periods and sometimes kept in cages or even in cellars when they are not carrying out their tasks.

Lorène Jacquet, the foundation’s campaign and advocacy manager, said that the dogs’ “working and living conditions are frequently inadequate or even abusive. Without checks, dogs will again be the victims of human entertainment.”

Bardot’s foundation also has fears that there will be a illegal breeding of dogs in order to supply animals for the Olympics which take place between July 26 and August 11.

The foundation has written to the French government’s interior minister with its demands which are backed by Corrine Vignon, a member of Parliament for Haute-Garonne in south-western France and also a member of Macron’s party.

Bardot is 89 years of age and still fighting for animals. I must say that she is an amazing woman and I for one admire her tremendously. She said earlier that Paris should not be hosting the Olympics because it will be cruel to force animals especially horses to compete in Olympic sports.

I’m sure that Bardot objects to all animals being used in sport on any occasion.

A debate over this was reignited – I’m told in The Times today, 4 December 2023 – during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics during which a German trainer was sent home after hitting a horse while participating in a pentathlon showjumping contest.

Bardot has also expressed her concerns about terrorists targeting the Olympic Games. She said: “The first thing Paris should have done was to refuse the Olympic Games.”

Brigitte Bardot withdrew from being a glamorous celebrity in the 1960s when she gave her life to men and has since devoted her energies to campaigning for animal welfare from her home in St Tropez.

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