Black swan feeds koi carp. The reason why.

To all intents and purposes this looks like a black swan going to the edge of a lake, scooping food out of a bucket with the intention of feeding the koi carp who surround it in great numbers. The swan dips its mouth into the water and the leading koi carp energetically feed from the food coming out of her mouth. This looks like a black swan feeding Koi carp but apparently it is not. If you know the behaviour of swans (and I didn’t until I read up on it) they like to take food and then dip it into water to moisten it. This makes it easier to digest. When the swan does this some of the food particles are lost into the water. These particles are eaten by the fish. As a routine has been set up a lot of fish have learned to gather around the swan in anticipation of food to come.

That is the reason! We don’t know why food was left in a bucket but I suspect the person was feeding swans with that food and then backed off knowing that the swan would come and take it because he or she had done this many times before. They had developed a routine as well. It’s a form of self-training on both sides.

It makes for a fascinating video which, as you can imagine, has been seen a great many times. I have decided that the fish are koi carp but I’m not entirely sure. I have decided that ‘koi’ is not a proper noun and should not be capitalized. Wrong? Please tell me.

Black swam feeds Koi carp

Below is another example provided by a duck:

One by one pls

Posted by Art empire on Thursday, June 2, 2022

Note: This is an embedded video from another website. Sometimes they are deleted at source or the video is turned into a link which would stop it working here. I have no control over this.

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