6 horses have dropped dead pulling tourist carriages in Kolkata, India

There are probably more than six, if the truth be known, but the Twitter X post says six. The video makes uncomfortable viewing. The deceased horse looks emaciated and was carried away by four men. That would have been impossible with a properly fed horse, I’d argue.

It is incredibly sad and a clear abuse of animals. As you can see the twitter post asks that the city converts to motorised tourist carriages. Makes sense.

India has animal welfare laws inherited from the British Raj. I’d bet my bottom dollar that the owner of this horse was never prosecuted for animal cruelty. Not a chance of it happening.

Where laws are insufficiently enforced the law becomes useless.

I have learned from the Times of India that PETA India filed a complaint and it is they who are calling for the replacement of horse-drawn carriages with electric vehicles. It appears that PETA have been pushing for a change in horse drawn carriages in India for some time. And local animal rights activists have also complained to the police as I understand it.

The horse died near Chandni Chowk Metro station gate no. 3 in front of police, remarkably. It caused a certain amount of panic in the street as you can see four men all the horse away.

The incident occurred on September 29. The horse was the 6th to die under the same or similar circumstances; pulling tourists while being underfed and emaciated.

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PETA India deputy director of advocacy projects, Harshil Maheshwari, said: “Bone-thin horses in Kolkata are being worked so hard, they are dropping dead. Horse-drawn carriages are not a tourist attraction, they are a tourist repellent. PETA India urges the West Bengal government to have a heart and replace horse-drawn carriages with electric vehicles to prevent further tragedies.”

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The Times of India article agrees with me in saying that the number of horses to die under similar circumstances is properly much higher than six and that this death highlights, according to Maheshwari, the “urgent need for Kolkata to follow Mumbai’s lead by replacing horse-drawn carriages with heritage-style electric vehicles which are now preferred by Mumbai’s former horse carriage drivers.”

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