10-week-old Labrador’s teethy chomps are adorable

They are called ‘teef chomps’ – biting thin air instinctively. However, you slice it or dice it Otis is very cute. A dog’s early forays into adult behaviour. He has a good life ahead I’d guess. But on a serious note, there were a lot of puppy adoptions over Covid lockdowns but will these relationships last for the lifetime of the dog? I hope so. There was a surge of puppy purchases during Covid. A lot of first-time adopters. But adult dogs are not as cute.


Otis a Lab puppy who is adorable
Otis a Lab puppy who is adorable. Screenshot.

Irrigation dog

Dog loves to irrigate (video)!

The dog is called the 'Irrigation Dog' and you can see why. He or she is fascinated with digging a ...

11 bites by Commander, Biden’s dog

President Biden likes German Shepherd dogs. He has two. Major is a rescue dog who was removed from the White ...
French Bulldog struggles with a test to find food and they look up at their owner for help which endears them to their owner which in turn makes them more attractive than a dog with a standard muzzle.

Flat-faced brachycephalic Frenchies are popular because they behave like infants

STUDY REPORT PLUS COMMENT: The infantile, brachycephalic French Bulldog 'suffers' from a 'condition' called paedomorphism which means to behave like ...
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Owners of American XL bully dogs feed them steroids to make them aggressive

Killer Kimbo. Image in public domain. This is the latest disturbing update in the American XL bully story which as ...
American bully XL

British government is going to ban American bully XL dogs but it is hellishly complicated and will it work?

American bully XL. Image: MikeB (Canva). It is currently all over the news after some killings by American bully XL ...

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