10 foot python made a home in the toilet and bit the resident on the bum

The resident of a property in Iskandar Puteri, Malaysia, sat down on their toilet to do their business and was bitten on the bum by 10 foot python who was inside it, curled up! Is the stuff of nightmares. I hope that he has recovered emotionally if not physically. How did they not notice the snake. Looking at the picture it would seem to be hard to miss it.

10 foot snake in resident's toilet. It bit them when they sat on it.
10 foot snake in resident’s toilet. It bit them when they sat on it. Photo: FB.

The photograph on this page is a little shocking to put it mildly. The snake was only discovered when it bit the resident on the bum. It seems that they called the fire department. Seven firefighters were sent to the home. They successfully caught the snake using a snake poll. You can see, however, in a video of the snake’s capture that they had to struggle to grab the snake by the throat to presumably stop it sliding down into the plumbing. Great job. These guys are obviously used to this kind of work.

Extracting the python from the toilet plumbing
Extracting the python from the toilet plumbing. Photo: FB.

The fire department said that snakes usually come out during the hot season to find cool and wet places. The toilet was an ideal location. In a nice touch the python was returned to the wild. Cool end to an unpleasant adventure.

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