Woman saves piglet’s bacon after fall from truck

This little story caught my eye. It happened in Bremen, Germany and is reported in The Times newspaper on Saturday, May 25, 2019.

Piglet. My God they are cute.

A truck was travelling to an abattoir at 60 miles an hour with pigs in the back. One piglet fell from the truck and was injured, as expected. A woman helped to search for the piglet beside the motorway. She informed the police and took the piglet to a veterinarian.

The Dutch haulier that was transporting the piglet was contacted (I will presume by the police) and they decided that the woman could keep the animal.

Comment: the woman is very kindhearted. What will she do next? That must be the big question. We hope that the piglet was not hurt too badly and that the veterinarian can provide successful treatment. Piglets grow up to be pigs and pigs can be pets but not inside the house or apartment. Therefore she will have to have an enclosure somewhere outside, so she’s got some issues to deal with. It all depends upon this woman’s circumstances. However, above all else she is a good woman with a kind heart and I love what she did. The haulier aren’t too shabby either. Great job (except for letting the piglet fall from the truck).

I avoid eating pork because (a) I am almost vegetarian and (b) pigs are smart. If I eat pork I eat the flesh of a pig. I don’t like euphemisms when describing the flesh of animals.

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