Woman restores our faith in humanity in rescuing abandoned bunny

Well, actually, there are a lot of people like this; kind souls who can’t walk by on the other side when they see a vulnerable animal in need. One TikTok user decided to video her little bunny rescue. The rabbit appears to have been outside her home, on the road under a car. A dangerous place for a pet rabbit.

The TikTok rescuer, ‘@GausBailey’, is seen taking some nice-looking food to the rabbit who enjoys it. Then we see her de-flea the rabbit by washing and blow drying. Bingo, a happy rabbit in a new home with a new caregiver.

Of course, people will be asking how could the original owner abandon their rabbit like this? It crossed my mind that rabbit might have escaped rather than being abandoned. How does she know that the rabbit was abandoned? It is not explained to us.

My neighbour dumped her bunny, and I rescued it
My neighbour dumped her bunny, and I rescued it. Screenshot.

If the rabbit was abandoned, it is cruel, and the simple and better alternative would have been to locate the nearest animal shelter and ask them to rehome him/her. Perhaps they tried and it failed for whatever reason.

There are some question marks surrounding the story. What is a bit odd is that the person who abandoned the rabbit appears to be a close neighbour of the rescuer.

Normally when companion animal owners abandon their pets, they do it surreptitiously and make sure no one sees them. They want to remain anonymous. They normally drive up to a shelter at night when it is shut and leave the animals in a sealed box. Or if they are even more heartless, they dump them in a sealed carrier along a country lane where there are almost certain to die of starvation and thirst.

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It might be tricky to achieve anonymity if you abandon your pet outside your home in suburbia. Just a thought.

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