What will happen to Queen Elizabeth II’s dogs now she has passed?

NEWS AND COMMENT: Well, the last dogs she had were given to her by her wayward son the Duke of York, Prince Andrew (and his daughters I believe) who incidentally was said to be her favourite son. Shame. That indicates poor judgement, and she was said to be wise. Because he ambushed her with two dogs at a time in her life when she said she did not want any dogs because of her advanced age, he has agreed to take them back and look after them. That’s my assessment. He probably felt an obligation to take them back. And he has an obligation incidentally. Note: there is some confusion over her dogs when she died. I believe they are Candy, Sandy, Muick, and Lissy. I am not sure about Lissy.

Queen with Candy
Queen with Candy. Image: PA.

When she received these two dogs from Andrew as a surprise gift (I think they were a birthday present) her beloved corgis of which there were many had all died. I guess he thought that she would benefit from a couple of new dogs. I bet she was annoyed actually. And she never had any cats. She was a dog and horse person. She loved horses with a passion since childhood.

Anyway, Prince Andrew and his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, who live together in a mansion called the Royal Lodge in the grounds of Windsor Great Park (for free) will take on a dorgi called Candy (a corgi, dachshund cross) and Muick and Sandy.

Actually, I have just learned that Candy was given to her by Prince Andrew’s daughters Beatrice and Eugenie on the Queen’s 95th birthday.

Andrew has been shut down by Charles and he is not allowed to carry out any royal duties because of his allegedly nefarious links to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. Andrew has consistently showed poor judgement. Getting mixed up with Epstein to try and get some millions off him was not his only poor business associate. At one time he was a business envoy for the UK, but this allowed him to hobnob with the wrong people such as heads of state where corruption is rife.

Andrew was always short of money as he lived like a multimillionaire but had the income of a regular person. He could never get his hands on enough money. This led to dodgy friendships and ultimately his downfall.

He is a dead duck. His royal career is over. It was terminated as he is too much of an embarrassment to the royals who are in some difficulty in retaining support although the Queen’s passing may have helped judging by the huge outpouring of grief and admiration for her life of service.

Note: I respected the Queen, but I am not a royalist. I believe that they are too rich and have too many castles and mansions. The Queen should have given some of them to charities for the homeless.

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