What a rich person can do to improve wildlife conservation

Although awareness of the need of wildlife conservation is important in order to promote it, money talks.

The greatest threat to wildlife on the planet is loss of habitat to encroaching human activity i.e. settlements and business.

Very wealthy people can afford to buy large tracts of land on continents such as Africa where they could allow wild species to thrive unmolested by human activities.

They’d need to put funds in to protect the species on these reserves from poachers. For a really wealthy person – someone with billions – the cost would be a drop in the ocean.

It would be a drop in the ocean for a human and a giant leap for humankind. Apologies to Neil Armstrong 😉

If I were really wealthy, I could not think of a better way of contributing to the welfare of the planet. It would be saving it. At the same time more needs to be done by humans to curb population growth and the excesses of human behaviour.

Humans do so much that is wrong vis-a-vis other animals. Pesticides, logging, animal trade, destruction of habitat and so on. It is endless the damage we do to the planet and its species.

It is time for change. The very wealthy can lead the way.

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