Was the robbery of Lady Gaga’s dogs from Ryan Fischer a conspiracy to defraud?

It has been suggested that allegedly Ryan Fischer conspired with the two guys who stole Lady Gaga’s dogs to fake a robbery with the intention of collecting a large reward and sharing it. I stress that there is no evidence to suggest that this is what happened. But let’s look at the evidence which says that it might have happened. Update: it has been disproved.

Ryan Fischer, Lady Gaga's dog walker

Ryan Fischer, Lady Gaga’s dog walker. Photo: his Instagram page. This is him in hospital recovering.

Fischer was not really shot in the chest; more like the shoulder. The gunshot wound was never going to be fatal. Was it deliberate to make the fake robbery look genuine? An extreme measure to take but it certainly makes it look genuine.

The combined worth of the dogs at the inflated price if $25k per dog is $75k. The reward offered by Lady Gaga was $500,000.

Did Ryan know that Lady Gaga would offer a reward or believe that it was likely? Or perhaps she spoke to him and he advised her to offer a large reward. I am just speculating wildly. It is opinion.

And what about the woman who brought the two dogs who’d been stolen to the police station to collect the reward? That’s a bit bizarre. How did she get the dogs? What is her connection to the criminals? Did the police interrogate her? They have to investigate and do it very thoroughly. She is a gateway to the criminals unless they abandoned the dogs knowing that the crime had become too hot.

If the reward is divided four ways each one collects $125k. Not bad. Do you think it could conceivably have been a conspiracy to defraud Lady Gaga out of some of her riches?

If you were very cynical and sceptical you might.

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