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Visit to a free-flight exotic bird sanctuary

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Super visit to a free flight parrot sanctuary

This sanctuary for mainly parrots is in Del mar, California, USA. I have begun to fall in love with parrots. They are adorable and you can see the intelligence in their eyes and their behaviour. In this instance a young woman (the video maker) whose name is Adri Yedi interacts with the parrots. She looks quite nervous and sometimes very nervous! On one occasion she asked the supervisor to take a parrot off her arm because the parrot gradually crept towards her face. She is concerned in the video that the parrot might bite her face. I am sure that that would not happen but I understand the fear./p

I could not see a roof on the sanctuary. Perhaps there is one and I simply couldn’t see it but if there isn’t what stops the parrots flying away? Perhaps life is too good for them so why should they fly away?

Some commenters thought that Adri didn’t behave all that well perhaps because of her nervousness. They prefer the guy in the background who was always calm and confident compared to “ditzy loud giggles” produced by this attractive woman. She lacked confidence and it showed. Although it must’ve been her idea to video the visit which I think works very well.

Because her confidence level was low the parrots that she interacted with may have picked up on this and it may have affected their behaviour. Although the parrot who wanted to approach her face appears to have liked her and wanted to progress the relationship! It’s a shame that she had the bird taken off because of her nervousness. The bird wanted a cuddle not to be removed. One parrot owner said that she became annoyed looking at how the birds were mishandled by the video maker.

It is interesting that although all the birds can fly (I presume!) none of them attempted to. As one person said it looks more like a “flightless bird sanctuary”. One of the birds had over-plucked himself. There are many causes of this one of which is stress. The bird may have been introduced to the sanctuary recently from a home where it was stressed. The sanctuary looks very well-run to me and I’ll be surprised if the cause of the over-plucking was the sanctuary environment. Although parrots are territorial and I wonder whether some feel uncomfortable living so close to others.

Video has stopped working? Sorry but I can’t control that problem.